The Stories of what God has done and what is coming NEXT.
If you have a testimony let us know.

  1. Ernest Samuel
  2. John Francis
  3. Oscar & Lucy DeJesus
  4. Carl Bertino
  5. Luke Cotignola
  6. Danysela Vega
  7. Elaine Bert
  8. Melissa Marcus
  9. Sandy Knudsen
  10. Sarah Petion
  11. NEXT

Everyone is involved in what's NEXT

Bellerose Assembly has always been a generous church that is not afraid to make big steps of faith.
Our Primary goal is 100% engagement our Secondary Goal is $3 Million in Generosity.





Sowing For Future Growth

A church much like a plant can only grow as big as it's container allows. NEXT resources and prepares us for greater things in the future.

Latest News from NEXT

Keep up to date with the events of our initiative.

Vision Meetings

Vision Meetings

Join Pastor Dom to hear about what is NEXT for Bellerose Assembly of God and how you can be a part of it.

Lead the way

Lead the way

Join the leadership of Bellerose Assembly as we covenant with God our two year commitments.

Alpha Offering

Alpha Offering

Join together with the congregation of Bellerose Assembly of God to bring our best offering to kick off the two years of the NEXT initiative.

Partner With NEXT

Join us by committing to an amount that you will give in the two years of our initiative.